Pangandaran Beach tourism charm is so beautiful and charming in West Java Indonesia,as a coastal tourist area, with all colors, shades,uniqueness, and natural phenomena and tourism.The beauty and charm of Pangandaran beach tourism could become a favorite tourist attractionin West Java.

Pangandaran Beach as a tourist object references in event tourism Indonesia Visit Indonesia Year, a charm that is very exciting to be able to well-known to other countries.

A variety of enchanting beauty of any place charming tourist activity can be an attraction to visit. Pangandaran beach in the sea area south of West Java is a coastal tourist area which has many unique charm of the tour. A variety of exquisite charm of natural phenomena that have two sides of the central-coast which is a central activity in the tourist attractions Pangandaran Beach.

~ Charm of the East Coast Pangandaran Tourism
From the East Coast can enjoy a variety of enchanting beauty and tourism activities as an option:

¤ Charm of the East Coast of the beautiful Sunset Pangandaran East coast of Pangandaran is a wonderful place to watch the morning when solar shining red in the east, and the cool morning air of comfortable places to sit well on trackdam or walking along Water  Break up beach.

¤ Fishing
Hobby activities could be an option on the East Coast tour that is fishing in the area of Break Water or Floating Bagang and use the services of a cruise boat rental fishing in the waters of Pangandaran beach with boat rentals are relatively cheap.

¤ Travel,
Water Sports / WaterSports As the central eastern coast of Pangandaran his Water Sport Pangandaran Beach is where the water is very challenging day trips and full of charm as a place of water sports and sightseeing water testers andrenalin.
among others:
- Jet Sky
- Banana Boat
- Glass bottom
- Marbel
- And many others could be her choice of water sports and water tour on the East Coast Pangandaran.

¤ Enchantment Cruise Boat tour the East Coast Pangandaran
- Boat Cruise East Coast, ready to help you to indulge water tourism and marine tourism, traveling waves and enjoy the charm of the Pangandaran Nature Reserve East Coast waters. Wandering around the nature reserve with a variety of the enchanting beauty of the Nature Reserve on Pangandaran Beach Boat Cruise, to the West Coast.
- Fishing with boat cruise to visit the service area of the spot - spot the fish and enjoy the enchanting beauty Pangandaran Sea.

¤ Culinary Tour
Pangandaran as the central East Coast seafood and a wide selection of Pangandaran Beach Restaurant to be right a culinary tour, to spoil the pleasure of the tongue and the taste of the East Coast culinary Pangandaran.

¤ Charm of Shopping Tourism
Shopping with a captivating charm of the East Coast, various ornaments, handicrafts, souvenirs are beautiful
and fascinating, beach clothes, snacks and snack foods typical charm makes an interesting tour.
Shopping for souvenirs and snacks salty snacks jambal roti, for a souvenir home.

¤ Cycling Holidays
East Coast to the number of bike rental service vendor, can rent a bicycle around the streets enjoying the beach in Pangandaran beach in Pangandaran and charm of the East Coast is captivating.

¤ Tourism and Creative Arts
Enjoy the sights the East Coast Charm Pangandaran to try temporary tattoo
artistics creations East Coast who could charm a beautiful and interesting tattoos on the body.

A variety of East Coast charm and tourism activities in the tourist can enjoy and tested for your activities on the East Coast Pangandaran.
to be Continue...

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